How Do You Become a Mobile Home Trailer Mover?

To become a mobile home trailer mover, obtain a Class A commercial driver’s license, or CDL. This licensure allows a driver to drive a commercial motor vehicle hauling the weight of a mobile home.

To obtain a CDL, start by passing a written test and background check to get a Commercial Learner’s Permit. This document allows the holder to practice driving a commercial motor vehicle when accompanied by someone who has a current CDL. A CDL applicant must have his learner’s permit for at least 14 days. After this period, he is eligible to take the skills test, which includes vehicle inspection, basic controls, and road driving portions.

There are two types of commercial driver’s licenses: Class A and Class B. Class A licenses allow carriers to drive tractor trailers on the interstate. Class B licenses offer a wider variety of careers. Not only can Class B drivers drive tractor trailers, they are qualified to haul specialty cargo, deliver furniture, drive cement or concrete trucks, become a self-employed truck driver, or even become a truck driver training instructor. However, Class A licenses offer the added benefit of being able to tow weights in excess of 10,000 pounds; cargo must be under 10,000 pounds for those with Class B licenses.