What Does a Basketball Manager Do?

Image Source/Vetta/Getty Images

According to the USA today, a basketball manager is an individual who performs numerous tasks in support of the team coaches during scouting, practices and games. In general, basketball managers perform duties such as managing the equipment, handling the laundry and keeping players hydrated.

During practice, a manager may participate in on-court activities by assisting with drills, handling equipment or performing warm-up activities with the team athletes. They also may keep track of time, keep score and track statistics. The manager is also the person that wipes up sweat when a player tumbles.

In preparation of games, a manager may perform duties such as packing equipment, packing the players bags, loading bags onto the bus and setting up audio-visual equipment for meetings.

During the games, the manager responsibilities may include making sure that only players sit on the bench, providing the players with towels and water, keeping track of team and player statistics and providing the coach with any form of support required.

Following the games, the managers are responsible for cleaning up locker rooms, laundering uniforms, and repacking the equipment, uniforms and player bags onto the buses.

The basketball manager works behind the scenes providing all the services required so that the coach’s time is free to focus on teaching and coaching the players.