What Are Some Basic Farm Tools?

Some basic farm tools are the shovel, hoe, rake, manure spreader and handcart, while a fence-post driver, wire stretcher and fence pliers are necessary for farm fences. Pocket knives, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers and axes are useful hand tools. Often-used electrical tools include the drill, circular saw and chainsaw. Miscellaneous items such as ropes, tarps, string and chains are also useful on a farm.

Farmers use shovels, hoes, spades and digging forks for digging into the soil. Both a flat spade and a pointed one is necessary. The digging fork breaks up and turns the soil in the garden. In the barn, it is useful for cleaning up manure.

Farmers with livestock use a manure spreader to get rid of the piles of manure that build up over time and to fertilize their lands. Manure spreaders come in compact, medium and large sizes. They can be tractor-driven units or affixed to all-terrain vehicles.

A fence tester is useful for the electrical fences that keep in chickens and goats.

Standard hand and electrical tools on a farm have uses in building composting bins, fixing barn doors and construction projects. For digging up large rocks and breaking up ice, a digging bar comes in handy. Containers such as buckets and steel barrels are useful for hauling water and for storage.