What Banks Use Experian Only?

There are 13 banks that exclusively use Experian for credit searches on current accounts as of the latest update in 2014, according to MoneySavingExpert.com. These banks include Barclays, Birmingham Midshires, Chelsea BS, Citibank, Co-operative Bank, Danske Bank, Leeds Building Society, Lloyds, Nationwide, Sainsbury’s Bank, Santander and TSB. A great majority of these banks are European, but they have offices that can be found in most large cities throughout the United States and beyond. The largest American bank to exclusively use Experian for credit reporting on current accounts is Citibank.

Most of these banks use different credit reporting agencies depending on the nature of the credit check being performed. For instance, Nationwide only uses Experian when reporting for current accounts and credit cards, but it uses all three credit reporting agencies when pulling reports as a lender. Santander uses Equifax in addition to Experian when reporting as a credit card provider. While Citibank makes exclusive use of Experian when verifying credit for current accounts, it does not offer credit cards verified through Experian. Customers that want to get a credit card verified exclusively through Experian have to use Nationwide or Danske Bank.