What Banks Let You Withdraw $10 From an ATM Without a Surcharge?

BraunS/E+/Getty Images

A comprehensive listing of banks that allow $10 cash withdrawals from ATMs without any surcharges is not available. Customers who bank with financial institutions in the Allpoint network can withdraw cash from any ATM in the network without a surcharge.

The Allpoint network offers cash machines in popular retail chains including 7-Eleven, Target, and Walgreens. Customers who bank with an financial institution that participates in Allpoint are not required to use their own bank’s ATMs to avoid surcharges for withdrawing cash. Allpoint offers an ATM locator service on its website to identify convenient machines throughout the US, Canada, and other selected countries.

Select retailers offer ATMs without any machine-imposed surcharge. One example is the Wawa chain of convenience stores. These surcharge-free ATMs are completely free to use for customers who bank with an institution that does not impose out-of-network fees.

One challenge to withdrawing only $10 from an ATM is the denomination of currency stocked in the machine itself. NYCE notes that many ATMs require users to withdraw cash in multiples of $20.

As an alternative to finding a cash machine, those who want to withdraw $10 from their bank account may make a purchase at a store that allows debit card cash back. This convenient service combines the purchase and cash back amounts into one transaction, which is deducted from one’s checking account. Retailers offering the debit card cash back option range from pharmacies such as Rite-Aid to grocery stores such as Whole Foods and even office stores such as Staples.