What Banks Exchange Pesos for Dollars?

Luis Romero/CC-BY 2.0

Banks offering the service of exchanging pesos for dollars vary widely depending on the location. However, there are some banks that make currency exchanges at all of their branches. These banks include Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase. One thing to consider is that banks may require travelers to have a checking or savings account, a credit card or a loan with them in order to exchange currency.

Another option is for a traveler to use a debit card at an ATM in the location where he is visiting. Make sure to consider the fees that your bank charges for international transactions. Travelers can also purchase travelers checks before departing, and cash them at a local bank to receive pesos. A final option is to look for a business that specializes in currency exchange. These businesses are often located in or near airports.

Most businesses require that you pay with local currency, while others can charge a higher fee for you to pay for your transactions in U.S. dollars. Travelers may also want to consider exchanging larger bills for smaller ones in order to have a variety of bills and coins available to use for purchases and other transactions.