What Banks Cash Child Support Payment Checks?

If child support money is received in the form of a check, then a bank will cash the check as long as the person in question has an account with the bank or the check was written by that bank. Not all child support money is received in the form of a check, however, as there are electronic wired transfers and debit card programs for support payments as well.

In Wisconsin, there is a debit card program that allows recipients to receive their payments on a debit card. This program helps recipients by providing additional safety measures that a paper check cannot provide, such as avoiding check cashing fees, providing monthly statements that detail the support payments and purchases made using the money and finally by helping recipients avoid visiting the bank at all. Once the support payment is made, it is immediately available for use on the card.

Child support is a form of payment that occurs when one parent receives custody of the children and the other parent must provide monetary support. Most states require that a parent support his or her children until they are 18. The amount of money required is determined by the court and is used for the child’s basic expenses such as clothing, health care, food, education and shelter.