How Do You Find a Bank Name From a Routing Number? and feature online reverse routing number look-up tools whereby consumers may find a bank name based on a routing number, according to Check Composer and Small Business. A routing number is a nine-digit number that appears on checks to identify the transacting financial institution, states

Consumers who have a bank name but not the routing number can enter the bank name into one of these search engine and receive the routing number, according to Many major banking institutions post their routing numbers on their websites. Contacting a bank directly is another option for finding out the routing number.

A bank routing number, also called a routing transit number, is used in conjunction with an individual account number for verifying a bank account, making wire transfers and completing online transactions such as direct deposits and automatic payments, states Some financial institutions have multiple routing numbers in order to categorize them based on the region of the branch or the type of account. The routing number is found at the bottom of a printed check next to the account number.

Routing numbers were introduced in 1905, according to They are issued only to state or federal chartered financial institutions that have been approved at a Federal Reserve Bank.