How Do You Find a Bank DTC Number?

To find a particular bank’s Depository Trust Company number, access the DTC member directory on the DTCC website. Access the numbers at no charge, filtering the results alphabetically or numerically. Find a list of settling banks and depository facilities through the same online directory.

  1. Open the DTCC website

    Open the Depository Trust Company website, and click on the Client Center button on the bottom menu bar.

  2. Access the DTC member directory

    Find the list of directories on the right-hand side menu bar, and click on DTC Directories.

  3. Filter results by name or numerical listings

    Click to open the listings, choosing either Alphabetical Listing or Numerical Listing. Numerical listings are convenient only if you already know the institution’s DTC number of record. Alphabetical listings provide the number in the right-side column beside the company name.

  4. Find settling banks

    A list of settling banks is supplied in alphabetical order. Click the appropriate tab to access the listings and the corresponding ABA numbers. This list is dated by the ending of the week in which the list is compiled.

  5. Find pledgee banks and direct registration services

    Click tabs to open lists of pledgee banks and direct registration services. Pledgee banks are listed in alphabetical order, while direct registration services and limited participants are sorted according to assigned numbers, visible on the right-hand side of the page.