What Are Attributes of a Professional Nurse?

Attributes of a nurse who is successful and professional include empathy, detail oriented, intuitive, emotionally stable, physically strong, communicative, patient and dedicated. In addition, professional nurses must be able to think critically and coordinate the best services for patients based on their current state of health.

As one of the primary individuals present during patient care, professional nurses are responsible for assessing and caring for the patient, listening to requests, needs, and responses and comforting the patient. Therefore, empathy and strong communication skills are necessary attributes of a professional nurse. By showing empathy and clear understanding of a patient’s distress, professional nurses open the lines of communication for patients to share concerns, emotions and needs.

A professional nurse must also be detail oriented and intuitive when caring for patients. Professional nurses routinely manage medical equipment and administer medication, so room for error is not an option. With an intuitive nature and attention to detail, professional nurses may be able to assess patient care issues quickly to minimize any discomfort.

Physical strength and emotional stability are also necessary attributes for a professional nurse. Nurses are required to move equipment, spend long shifts standing and lift patients of all shapes and sizes. Nurses also witness tragedy, patient suffering and stressful emergency situations that can be emotionally draining. A professional nurse must be able to maintain a calm and caring nature to help the patient and family cope with medical challenges.