How Do You Apply for NARMS Merchandising Jobs?

NARMS jobs used to be handled through the National Association for Retail Merchandising Services; however, that association has been replaced by the World Alliance for Retail Excellence and Standards. To search and apply to job postings, job seekers must be members of the Alliance and apply through the Alliance’s site.

Users can access jobs on the Alliance’s site using the Retail Jobs North America link, which used to simply be called the Job Bank. Once a member, the job seeker is instantly searchable by employers, who use job seeker profiles to select individuals they feel would be good matches for their open positions. Job seekers receive job invitations through their secure member site and can decide whether or not the job is of interest to them and act on it accordingly.

The name change from NARMS to the World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards happened in 2013, following the organization’s move to its new headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado in 2012. The Alliance’s mission is to drive retail quality and create an enjoyable shopping experience while connecting retailers, manufacturers and solution providers. Though it represents a global membership base and posts jobs from all over the world, the Alliance itself has fewer than 10 employees.