How Do You Apply for a Kmart Credit Card?

Boston Globe / Contributor/Boston Globe/Getty Images

As of 2014, Kmart does not have a branded credit card, but a credit card from Sears, an affiliated company, can be used as a form of payment when shopping at Kmart. All of the special offers and rewards available at Sears when shopping with the card are also available at Kmart.

  1. Find the application on the Kmart website

    Go to the Kmart website, and hover over Money Services in the menu at the top of the page. From the dropdown menu, select Sears Credit Cards.

  2. Choose a card

    On the Sears application page, find the orange Apply Now button. On the next page, choose from the Sears card, which is used only at Sears and Kmart, or the Sears MasterCard, which is used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Click on the orange Apply Now button to apply for the Sears card, or the Learn More button to learn more about applying for the Sears MasterCard. An application is available online for the Sears Card, but not for the Sears MasterCard.

  3. Fill out the application

    For the Sears card, fill out the required information on the next page. This includes personal information, financial information and security information. Personal information includes email address, full name, address and phone number. Financial information includes annual income, residence status, and monthly mortgage or rent payment amount. Security information includes date of birth, social security number and photo identification information.

  4. Verify information to see approval status

    All of the information given on the application is verified on the next page. If everything is correct, click Submit to see the approval status, which includes approval, denial or a message saying that Citibank needs an additional 7 to 10 days to process the application.