How Do You Apply for a Fry’s Electronics Credit Card?

In order to apply for a Fry’s Electronics credit card, go to the store and fill out the application. The card is not available online and can only be accessed through a store or by telephone to Fry’s Electronic customer service, according to

Use the following instructions to sign up for a Fry’s Electronics credit card.

  1. Go to Fry’s Electronics
  2. There is no online application, so venture to a store and locate the customer service desk.

  3. Fill out the form
  4. Request a credit card application and fill out the form with the proper personal information.

Although the application process for a Fry’s Electronic credit card is simple, it may not be the best choice, according to The standard variable interest rate in America is 15.73 percent as opposed to Fry’s, which is set at 26.99 percent.