How Do You Apply for a CPN Without Going Through a Credit Repair Service?


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Apply for a credit privacy number, or CPN, by contacting an attorney or by contacting the Social Security Administration directly, according to Real Estate Talk Boston. A lawyer is able to assist with filing the appropriate paperwork.

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The Social Security Administration grants CPNs to people who want to protect their privacy when filling out documents that require a Social Security number, Real Estate Talk Boston explains. A CPN is beneficial for financial transactions such as applying for a loan or a credit card. Financial institutions and credit-reporting agencies track the numbers in the same fashion as Social Security numbers.

People who qualify get CPNs easily, says Real Estate Talk Boston, but a CPN is not a substitute for Social Security numbers in all cases. The Internal Revenue Service doesn't recognize CPNs; tax forms must include a Social

Security number. Buying a gun also requires a Social Security number.

Watch out for CPN scams. CPNs are free of cost, but fraudulent schemes often ask for payment to secure one, warns Real Estate Talk Boston. Disreputable credit-repair agencies provide you with someone else's Social

Security number instead of a CPN, and when you use it, you're unwittingly committing fraud. Be especially suspicious of businesses that offer a new credit identity; this is legally impossible.

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