How Do You Apply for a BP Gas Card Online?


Online Credit Center has an application form that gathers identifying and financial information from BP gas card applicants. With this application you can apply for either the BP Visa Signature Credit Card, the BP Visa Card or the BP Credit Card, according to Online Credit Center.

After the Online Credit Center BP gas application form gathers your home address and contact information, it then asks for the specifics of your annual net income and number of years at your current address, in addition to your date of birth and Social Security number. The last required step of the application is agreeing to the BP cards’ credit terms, which are available to read within the application or as a printable download, shows Online Credit Center.

BP gas cards allow customers to accumulate credit for reduced prices on BP gasoline via one of three shopping methods. The highest potential gasoline price reward comes from paying for gasoline and other items at BP stations by using a BP card. The second most effective method is to pay for items from a particular group of BP’s partner retailers. The third largest reward come from using a BP gas card to pay for purchases anywhere that accepts them, according to BP.