How to You Apply With the Adult Make a Wish Organization?

Adults with a life-threatening illness may contact Dream Foundation, Eternal Wish Foundation or Stella’s Wish Foundation to apply for a wish. An initial application is available at, or Those in hospice care may have their hospice social worker complete an application on for expedited processing.

Each wish-granting foundation has applicant guidelines. Dream Foundation grants wishes for adults 18 and over with a life expectancy of one year or less. Typical types of wishes or dreams granted include dinner with a loved one, a vacation or something that improves a person’s quality of life, such as a computer or TV. Dream Foundation is unable to grant some types of wishes such as cash or paying for medical bills.

Any adult with a life-limiting illness may apply at Eternal Wish Foundation. Applicants must show proof of financial need and provide documentation from a physician that participating in the wish is medically safe. Eternal Wish grants experiences such as vacations or trips. It does not grant physical items.

Stella’s Wish Foundation grants wishes for adults with life-threatening cancer. The types of wishes granted include trips with loved ones, gift cards to buy needed supplies and dinner with family. Stella’s Wish Foundation does not pay for medical bills.