Who Are Apple’s Competitors?

Hakan Dahlstrom/CC-BY 2.0

Depending on the particular industry segment, Apple’s competitors include Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. As Google is the developer of the Android software, however, they are also a major competitor of Apple in the smartphone operating system market.

Apple’s diverse range of product offerings means that it competes in many different markets, each of which may have other major producers that have a significant chunk of market share. In the smart tablet market, for example, Apple largely dominates with the iPad, but Amazon and Microsoft are still competing with their own smart tablets that have carved out a niche in Apple’s dominant market share. Microsoft also remains one of Apple’s competitors in the computer operating system market, which has suffered with the decline of the PC market. Apart from Samsung, Apple’s largest challenger in the smartphone market, other competitors include Motorola and other phone companies that produce Android or Windows compatible smartphones. Google is a major Apple competitor in multiple fronts, including cloud storage, with the Google Drive competing against Apple’s iCloud service.