What Are the Answers for the Subway Application Employment Test?

The answers to the short test that Subway includes in its employment application are not publicly available. Making the answers available would compromise the integrity of the examination and make it more difficult for hiring managers to discern whether an applicant truly understood the math and customer service concepts being tested.

The best way to begin preparing for the Subway employment test is to study the Subway Sandwich Artist job description. If a person has the knowledge and experience to fulfill all of the job duties, then he should be able to answer test questions about these responsibilities.

The first portion of the Subway employment test focuses on math in the context of a fast food restaurant. Preparing for this section requires an understanding of the various denominations of bills and coins and how to make change properly. One should be able to perform basic math without needing a calculator. An exam question in this section might ask how much change a woman should receive on a $4.75 purchase if she pays with a $10 bill. The answer to this hypothetical question is a quarter and a five-dollar bill, which total $5.25.

The second part of the test covers customer service and personality. These questions don’t necessarily have one correct answer. Hypothetically, a test question might ask an applicant how to deal with a customer who behaves in an aggressive, confrontational manner in the restaurant. Appropriate responses to such a question might include items such as requesting assistance from a manager, trying to calm the customer or asking the customer to leave the store if the behavior is exceptionally inappropriate.