How Do I Answer Diversity Questions in an Interview?

A candidate must answer a diversity question directly by explicitly discussing controversial topics such as race, gender and religion. He must research the company’s diversity policy to ensure that his answers relate to the company’s vision.

A candidate should give examples of previous incidences where he dealt with diversity in his profession, and discuss how he handled such issues successfully. This is a way of distinguishing himself as a person who practices diversity in his career.

He should demonstrate ways in which he can foster better relationships among different employees at the firm, especially if he is interviewing for a management position. A candidate should discuss any previous training he has on managing diversity within an organization. If he lacks previous training on diversity, he should say that he plans to include it as part of his future training.

A candidate must not be afraid to admit previous moments of uncertainty when he faced difficult issues relating to diversity. He should discuss the benefits of diversity at the workplace instead of focusing entirely on the negativity typically associated with diversity.

An interviewee should discuss how privilege might benefit some people at the workplace, and suggest ways to ensure that the less privileged are not disadvantaged.