What Is the AMC Stubs Rewards Program?

AMC Stubs is a rewards program for AMC Theatre patrons offering $10 in rewards for every $100 spent at the theatres, as of 2015. Members get free size upgrades on fountain drink and popcorn purchases and get ticketing fees waived when tickets are purchased online. The program costs $12 per year.

The membership lasts for one year from the time the participant pays the membership fee. Members receive an AMC Stubs card to show membership. Each time the participant uses the card to purchase regular tickets and concession items at an AMC Theatre, the amount spent gets tracked in the account. After reaching $100 spent, the patron gets $10 to spend on future tickets and concession purchases.

The upgrade benefit bumps the patron up to the next size on either fountain drinks or popcorn. When ordering a small drink, an AMC Stubs member gets a medium for the price of a small. This benefit does not apply to combo purchases.

AMC Stubs members log in on the AMC website to track spending and rewards. The online account also provides a virtual ticket stub collection so participants have a record of movies they see. This online feature allows participants to add friends or notes to each ticket to save memories about the trip to AMC. Users also have the option of posting to Facebook or Twitter to share the experience.