Why Is Agriculture Important?

Agriculture is important because it is necessary to sustain human and sometimes animal life. Farming supplies a civilization with the food needed to nourish its population and allow it to continue thriving.

According to the website UK Agriculture, there are several growing trends in agriculture. Food security and self-sufficiency, food quality, the economy, environment and climate change and the land used to grow crops are all areas farmers are working on to improve crops and feed more people. Food security and self-sufficiency deals with the ability to deliver food to a region that does not rely on supplies from other parts of the world. Food quality is not only about a consumer’s subjective taste but also relates to adhering to standards that ensure food is safe for consumption.

In some parts of the world, jobs in agriculture are declining, but it is still a sector that employs many people full or part time. It is especially important in providing income in rural communities. Farming is an industry that has adapted to climate and environmental changes. Crop growers have been implementing techniques like recycling farm wastes and returning them to the land to save resources.

All agriculture requires space and land. There is increasing awareness of balancing the need for new land versus preserving nature.