What Are the Advantages of Urban Settlement?

Urban settlement creates proximity to basic social amenities required in life. It provides employment opportunities since many industries and white-collar jobs are found in urban settlements. It promotes cultural diversity between different people living and working in the urban settlements.

Hospitals, schools, libraries and other social amenities are located close to one another in urban settlements. This proximity improves accessibility as people can move easily from one location to the other. Easy accessibility to retail outlets improves business in urban settlement. A strong network of financial institutions, insurance companies and municipal councils improves commerce.

Movement in urban settlements is typically available due to presence of an elaborate transport system of taxis, buses and trains. People and goods can be transported easily without incurring high transportation costs. Urban settlements are home to job opportunities in different industries and offices. Wages in urban settlements are higher than in rural areas, which attracts many people to towns.

Employment in urban settlements is complemented by affordable housing services in towns. Urban settlement attracts diversified groups looking for employment and social services. This diversity leads to exchange of cultural ideas and beliefs. It also leads to social developments in art, music, religion, politics and fashion.