What Are Some Advantages of an Elite Paycheck Plus Card?

An Elite PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card provides advantages such as setting up direct deposit, collecting a tax refund check or other government pay and instant access to cash at in-network ATM machines. There are no fees or surcharges when using Allpoint and Comerica ATM machines, notes PaychekPLUS!

The Elite PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card allows cardholders to add funds from any employer, benefits provider or other source of income. The card works the same as a credit or debit card, and allows cardholders to receive available cash when making debit purchases at a cash register to avoid fees at out-of-network ATM machines, according to PaychekPLUS! Cardholders can sign up for email or text alerts for notifications and balance information.