What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Pharmacist?

Some of the advantages of being a pharmacist include being able to help the sick, being able to provide counseling, earning a high income and pursuing a chemistry-related career. The disadvantages of being a pharmacist include working for longer hours, energy-demanding work and high level of concentration required to complete the job.

Pursuing a career in pharmacy studies has its challenges; listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working as a pharmacist.

The advantages:

  • High income — pharmacists are among the best-paid professionals, earning above-average pay.
  • Helping the sick — pharmacists provide medicines and other medical equipment that assist in saving lives and curing illnesses.
  • Career in chemistry — for those who enjoy chemistry, pharmacy offers a chance to pursue an interesting field of study and career fulfillment.

The disadvantages:

  • Long working hours — in most cases, pharmacists are required to work longer-than-usual office hours.
  • Constant required concentration — giving the right dosages and correct medicines is vital in this career. Any mix-up on the part of the pharmacists may result in dire consequences, which is why high levels of concentration are required.