What Are the Administrative Systems and Procedures?

Jamie Grill/Tetra images/Getty Images

Administrative systems and procedures are a set of rules and regulations that people who run an organization must follow. These rules and regulations are put into place to help create a greater level of organization, more efficiency and accountability of the organization.

Administrative systems and procedures are important for employees, management and the board of directors who are responsible for running an organization. The heads of the organization must be held accountable for all of the rules and regulations set into place by the administrative procedures. They must be able to uphold these rules and must be held responsible when these regulations are not followed. Managers of an organization are also responsible for the upholding of the rules and regulations set in place by the administrative systems and procedures. These procedures give them a basis for how to manage employees and will ensure that their management is fair and consistent. Employees are not as strongly affected by administrative systems and procedures, but they are expected to uphold the rules of the organization. The administrative systems and procedures will give the organization a basis for setting employee rules and regulations. Employees are expected to follow these rules in accordance with the administrative rules and regulations.