What Is Administrative Management?

Administrative management refers to a process within an organization whereby information is stored, analyzed and distributed among its members to ensure smooth business operation. Additionally, it entails the control and coordination of certain business aspects and the people involved, allowing it to manage the support operations within an organization.

People in charge of administrative management typically lead and manage a large number of people. A single manager can oversee the entirety of an organization’s business endeavor, although it is possible for several managers to cohesively manage different business areas or divisions. The management aspect of the process requires direct interaction with workers at all levels, serving as a link between clients and suppliers. Administrative management also gauges how effective certain processes are and intervenes where outdated practices need to be rectified or updated.

Administrative management requires the people in charge of it to employ their attention to detail and high analytical skills to oversee and run the operations on a daily basis. To be successful, administrative management needs to keep up with the developments within the organizational environment and create complex systems that adhere to new challenges as they arise. Through its interaction with the staff, administrative management plans, monitors and evaluates the accomplished results, using that information to improve the service or product quality in accordance with the market needs and evaluation.