What Are Some Administrative Job Titles?

Administrative job titles include secretary, administrative assistant, administrative technician, office assistant, staff assistant, administrative specialist, clerk and administrative secretary, as listed by ONet Online. Other potential job titles for administrative professionals include executive assistant, office coordinator, office manager, receptionist, personal assistant, office coordinator, administrative support and virtual assistant. The context of the administrative job likely has a lot to do with what the exact job title is; for example, someone who sits at a reception desk and doesn’t usually interact with senior management isn’t likely to have a job title like executive assistant.

Context has an impact on potential administrative job titles in other ways. For example, academic settings may have administrators, such as academic advisers, as stated by the University of South Florida. While this is a useful job title for a university, a real estate business that hires administrators isn’t likely to hire someone as an academic adviser.

Administrative professionals tend to handle tasks that require use of technology, such as computers and telephones. An administrator may have job duties, such as handing paperwork or maintaining order in a filing system. Many administrators take incoming phone calls and direct them to the proper people within an organization. Administrators are also highly likely to experience frequent interaction with other people.