What Is the Address for Mailing a Prescription to Express Scripts?

The Express Scripts mailing address for drug prescriptions is Express Scripts, Inc., PO Box 52150, Phoenix, AZ 85072, and the phone number is 1-877-283-3858. Doctors must submit written prescriptions on a mail order form obtained from a military treatment facility, by phone or on the Express Scripts website.

Doctors submitting subscriptions to Express Scripts must allow a maximum days supply of medication prescribed for a specific condition, and also allow for ample refills, if needed. Up to one year’s supply of medication is allowed per order. Longer prescription periods avoid the need to refill the prescription every few months. Essential information on each prescription form includes the full name of the patient, address, date of birth and Express Script member identification number. Prescriptions must be written by medical professionals licensed to do so in the United States and its territories.

Medical professionals are not allowed to write prescriptions for family members, nor are individuals allowed to submit prescriptions for personal use. Faxed subscription orders to Express Scripts must be sent directly from a doctor’s office or pharmacy. Express Script members can order refills online by logging into the website or submit a mail order form less than 90 days in advance of the refill date. Family members and caregivers may order medication by phone, after providing sponsor member information.