How Do You Add Money to Your NetSpend Card?

Add money to a Netspend card at various participating convenience stores, gas stations and check-cashing stores, which typically charge of fee of between $2 to $5, as of 2015. A clerk adds funds directly to your card at the cash register. Alternatively, reload packs are available for set dollar amounts with a purchase fee of $2.95 to $4.95, notes Investopedia. The reload pack contains a code that you entere online or by phone to add funds to your account.

Netspend also offers electronic direct deposit, which allows paychecks, government benefits, and tax refunds to be automatically loaded onto the card. It is also possible to transfer funds between two different Netspend accounts for free if you initiate the transfer online, or for $1 if you make the transfer over the phone.

You can link your PayPal account to your Netspend account. Transferring money from a PayPal account to a Netspend card is free. However, you cannnot transfer money to PayPal from a Netspend account. It is also possible to transfer funds to a Netspend account from a checking account at a different banking institution. Two types of transfers are offered: free bank transfers normally require one to five days to complete, whereas instant bank transfers are available immediately but incur a fee of $1.95.