How Do You Activate a Fuel Rewards Card?

To activate a Shell Fuel Rewards Card, go to the Fuel Rewards website, click the “Activate your FRN Card” link and create an online account, according to the Fuel Rewards FAQ page. Customers must activate their cards to redeem their Fuel Rewards savings.

The Shell Fuel Rewards program is a rewards program that allows customers to earn savings by purchasing specially marked products at participating Shell stations, as stated on the Fuel Rewards FAQ page. Customers can participate in the Fuel Rewards program by obtaining an FRN Card at a participating Shell station, or by creating an account on the Fuel Rewards website. Follow the steps below to activate an FRN card:

  1. Access the Shell Fuel Rewards website
  2. Go to the website and click the “Activate your fuel card” link located in the top-right corner of the page header.

  3. Provide personal information in the signup form
  4. Enter the cardholder’s email address, first name, last name, mobile number and ZIP code, and then click the “Next” button.

  5. Enter security information
  6. Choose a password and enter it again for confirmation. Select a security question from the drop-down menu, and then enter the answer. Type the text for the CAPTCHA code. Keep the box checked to receive promotional emails from the FRN program. Check the box confirming the review of the program’s terms and conditions, and then click “Next.”

  7. Add payment cards
  8. If desired, link a debit or credit card to the FRN account by providing the card number and billing ZIP code, accepting the terms and conditions and then clicking the “Save” button. To skip this step, click the “Skip” button.

  9. Activate the Fuel Rewards card
  10. Enter the FRN card number and PIN number, which are both located on the back of the card, and then click the “Save” button. To receive a new card, select “I need a card, please send me one,” enter the shipping address and click the “Order” button.