How Do You Access the Winn-Dixie Employee Portal?

Access the Winn-Dixie employee portal by visiting, choosing the appropriate employee type and entering your username or employee number and password, as of 2015. The site allows employees to view details about benefits, review past and current paystubs, make changes to personal account information and view work schedules.

When an employee begins working with Winn-Dixie, which is part of the Southeastern Grocers Corporation, she is able to create an account to access her employment information through the company’s online portal. Associates at any of the store’s retail locations need to choose the Store Team Login option, then enter an employee identification number as a username and use the password issued by the appropriate supervisor. Store and field support associates must choose the Support Center Login option, which requires a separate username and password to grant access to the portal. Retail associates are able to reset a forgotten or compromised password by using the reset tool, which requires a Social Security number and store number to verify identity.

The purpose of the employee portal is to provide a self-service access point through which each employee can manage various human resources-related aspect of the job. This include reviewing and making selections for benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans, when available. Employees can also access paystubs and payment details to view withholdings and payment amounts, although some tax forms may require access to additional websites.