How Do You Access Securitas Pay Stubs Online?

To access Securitas pay stubs online, you need to be in the company’s employee work records and have an online account so as to connect to TALX via the Internet. If you wish to update personal information on TALX, you must appear on the employer’s payroll. To access the pay stubs, you need to go to the TALX website and enter your employer’s ID and your employee ID and password. Once logged in, you can go straight to the Main Menu and choose the Pay Stub Review section to review all past or current review stubs.

If you are a temporary employee, you are not eligible to make use of the TALX system.

On the Main Menu, you are allowed to change the Direct Deposit Maintenance to pave a way for deposit accounts and amounts payable. From the Main Menu, you can also peruse the W-4 Update area that allows you to enter your personal name, address and any other related information for tax purposes.

The Main Menu also has the eReports section that you can use to generate customizable reports, scheduling and commissions. This paperless pay system allows you to access your pay stubs anytime, and you can print them to keep hard copies.