How Do You Access a List of Nadcap-Approved Suppliers?

A list of Nadcap-accredited suppliers is available online at This website provides a database that allows individuals to search for Nadcap-accredited businesses for free, although it is necessary to create an account before using the site.

Nadcap, previously known as the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, develops criteria for manufacturing processes in the aerospace and defense industry. Nadcap conducts audits to ensure manufacturers meet this criterion. The processes for which Nadcap provides certification include aerospace quality systems, chemical processing, measurement and inspection, metallic materials manufacturing, and non-conventional machining and surface enhancement. Nadcap conducts around 5,000 audits each year. Once Nadcap completes an audit, a task group of members from the industry reads it and then votes on its acceptability.

Nadcap provides training to its members on topics relevant to obtaining accreditation. It also offers training for individuals interested in conducting audits.

Companies that are members of Nadcap include the Airbus Group, BAE Systems, Honeywell Aerospace, Lockheed Martin and Spirit AeroSystems. SAE International, a professional organization for engineers, founded Nadcap in 1990. The Performance Review Institute, based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, runs Nadcap. Although most of Nadcap’s audits take place in the Americas, it is expanding its presence overseas, as of 2016. Nadcap has offices in London, Beijing and Nagoya.