How Do You Access the H&R Block New Hire Portal?

New H&R Block employees need a single sign-on identification number and user password to access internal employee information, and to gain access to the portal, individuals need to be registered as an associate or franchise employee. Creating an SSO ID requires submitting name, Social Security number and birth date.

As of May 2015, H&R Block employees who need assistance accessing the authorized employee portal can contact 1-800-472-5625 to speak with a customer service representative. H&R Block offers benefits to employees and associates such as health insurance and retirement plans. Full-time associates are able to obtain robust health insurance that includes several choices of standard care plans, and associates can sign up for dental coverage that includes dental restoration services. A vision plan is available that provides individuals with eye exams, eyeglasses and contacts, and flexible health savings accounts allow associates to save money for future medical expenses.

H&R Block corporate jobs encompass a wide-range of positions in marketing, human resources, government relations and financial divisions. Professionals working in tax management field offices provide ongoing managerial assistance to thousands of tax planning and preparation offices across the country. Individuals working in tax operations support are on call to help company associates and tax clients by answering tax-related questions. Many tax professionals are seasonal associates who provide tax preparation services to consumers during tax season.