What Are Some Academic Strengths?

Shalom Ormsby/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some academic strengths are focus, command, discipline, self-assurance and positivity. Cultivating these strengths helps students enhance their performance both in the classroom and in their studies outside of the classroom. It also helps in their development as individuals.

Students can help develop their focus by linking class assignments to their interests and to knowledge and skills they already possess. This helps in getting a better grasp of class material and in expanding base skills. Students who are not shy about taking command of tasks or situations should fine-tune this strength by applying it to challenging academic material. To develop their skills, such students should also join organizations in which they can work up to positions of leadership.

Among the most valuable of academic strengths is discipline. Setting a schedule and sticking to the spirit of it, if not always the details, helps some students get through rough periods that sink other equally gifted students. This kind of “stick-to-itiveness” enables students to build up another valuable academic strength, self-assurance. Self-assurance, in turn, ensures that students won’t shy away from challenging situations in the future.

Positivity grows out of the consistent use of these strengths and others and creates a sense of optimism and trust that makes learning fun and exciting.