How Does Multiplan Insurance Work?

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MultiPlan Insurance is an organization helping individuals and small businesses coordinate benefits and coverages for various workplaces and health care needs with the benefit of substantial discounts. In the present marketplace, MultiPlan provides solutions to health care issues created by widely separated work sites and an increasingly mobile population.

As of 2014, the MultiPlan Network is a nationwide complementary provider network with nearly 5,000 hospitals, 100,000 ancillary facilities and 730,000 health care professionals as participants. Operating under the PCHS banner, it works with health care networks across the country to offer its customers a wide variety of services and providers at discounted rates. One option, PHCS Network, is PPO coverage for treatment and care anywhere in the country. A second option, PHCS Healthy Directions, expands the PPO coverage of the first to include more focused, localized HMO and POS networks. A third option is even more flexible: the PHCS Savility Network is a virtual payer network featuring primary PPO discounts that are fully competitive in the marketplace.

When participants seek care outside their primary network, they incur a higher coinsurance amount but still share in the savings offered by the primary network. Overall, however, the MultiPlan concept is an attractive solution for many users; at present, the network serves approximately 67 million people.