How Do You Remove the Drawers of a GE Refrigerator?

To remove the drawers of a GE refrigerator, pull the drawer to the stop position, lift the drawer to tilt the pan up slightly and pull out the drawer. In many cases, doors needs to be opened at a more-than-90-degree angle to remove it.

As of March 2015, GE offers four styles of full size refrigerators: French door refrigerators with a bottom drawer freezer, full door refrigerators with a bottom drawer freezer, refrigerators and freezers with a side-by-side configuration, and full-door refrigerators with a top-drawer freezer. Certain refrigerators may have drawers with a plastic cover, in which case the cover must be removed before the drawer. To remove a plastic cover, lift it off its supports, pull it to its stopping position, tilt it and pull it out of the refrigerator. Refrigerators may include drawers that can be moved around the refrigerator to the most convenient location.

GE refrigerators range in capacity from less than 15 to over 26 cubic feet. Prices start below $700 but certain models cost well over $2,500. Color options include white, black, silver and stainless steel, or you can get custom panels to match the rest of the kitchen. Models may offer ice and water dispensers, and certain ice dispensers are able to make cubed and crushed ice.