What Zodiac Signs Match Well in Relationships With Cancer Men?


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The most favorable romantic partners for a Cancer are considered to be Scorpio and Pisces because all three signs are ruled by the element of water. People ruled by the same element in astrology can develop harmonious relationships. They respond to the same stimuli emotionally and they have similar goals.

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According to the principles of astrology, those born two signs apart communicate easily and productively. This means that a Cancer man can develop interesting partnerships, especially romantic ones, with those born in Taurus and Virgo.

There is also great understanding and attraction between two Cancers, but they are also prone to monotony and criticism together. A relationship that can be productive and that can help the partners evolve together is between a Cancer and a Capricorn, though it requires some compromise.

In a relationship astrology analysis, the sign of the moon, Venus and Mars should be considered as well.

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