What Are Some A to Z Meanings of Dreams?


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According to DreamBible, to dream of abandonment can indicate the dreamer is struggling with a fear of betrayal or abandonment in her waking life. Dreaming of babies can signify new starts, joy and pureness in the dreamer's waking life. Individuals who dream of being trapped in cages may be feeling confined by people or situations in their daily lives. Dreaming of daisy flowers can signify innocence, friendship, love and beauty.

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To dream about eagles can indicate the dreamer feels proud and determined, reports Dream Moods. Dreaming of failure may signify a fear of rejection, and dreams about gardens can represent new developments. Dreams about hair loss may symbolize low self-confidence in waking life, and ice dreams can be indicative of risky behavior. Individuals who wear jackets in their dreams may be concerned about outward appearances. Kayak dreams may indicate that the dreamer has confidence when navigating through life.

Dreams about ladders may represent high levels of responsibility for the dreamer, according to DreamBible. Dreaming about maggots can signify a feeling of nausea or anxiety during a dreamer's waking hours. Dreaming about nails can signify a feeling of responsibility or obligation, and oak tree dreams represent strength. Package delivery dreams may indicate the dreamer has followed through with an obligation, whereas quarreling dreams can represent buried negativity. Rabbit dreams can symbolize luck and good fortune, and sailboat dreams represent a sense of control in uncontrollable situations.

Dreaming of a dirty tablecloth can indicate bad behavior in the dreamer's life. When a UFO appears in a dream, it can indicate unusual or unexplainable thoughts and behaviors, according to Dream Moods. Vacation dreams may symbolize distraction, and walking during a dream can symbolize moving forward in life. X-ray dreams may indicate a sense of discrimination, and yarn dreams symbolize safety. Zig-zag lines that appear in dreams may indicate volatile behavior.

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