What Is a Yamaha RT100?

The Yamaha RT100 is an off-road motorcycle made by Yamaha. The bike is known for being a transitional motor for first time riders looking to breach into the world of off-road riding.

The powerful motorcycle is also lightweight, which allows for easy maneuvering against tough terrain. It is a great machine for riders at a beginner to intermediate level, as its durability and balance help the motorist ease into off-road endeavors.

Some of the specifications include a 100 cc two-stroke, reed-valve engine. This is a high performance engine that will allow the rider to utilize the five-speed transmission with a manual clutch. This addition helps the rider to access power spurts. Additionally, the deep tread helps maintain grip against unpaved roads, and the back tire is 2 inches smaller than the front: 16 inches as compared to the front end at 18 inches, which adds to the balance. The Yamaha RT100’s low seat is made specifically for new riders as the positioning creates comfort and helps instill confidence to operate the machine. The motorcycle also features dual-shock rear suspension, assisting in the absorption of shock during bumpy rides, so that riders can enjoy the bike for extensive lengths of time.