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According to the Biblical account, the authors of Psalms include David, Moses, Asaph, Solomon, descendants of Korah, and Heman and Ethan the Ezrahites. King David is most commonly associated with the book because he is said to have written 73 of the psalms, more than any of the other authors.

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Asaph is crediting with writing 12 psalms, the descendants of Korah with writing 10, Solomon with writing one or two, Moses with writing one and the Ezrahites with writing two. Several of the psalms do not indicate an author.

In Hebrew the book of Psalms is titled "Tehillim," meaning "praise songs." The title "Psalms" comes from the Greek, but it also means "songs of praise." Psalms is one of only two composite books in the Old Testament. The other composite book is Proverbs.

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