Who Wrote the Book of Psalms?

King David, Moses, Heman the Ezrhaite, Ethan the Ezrhaite, King Solomon, Asaph and the sons of Korah are named as authors of many of the Psalms. Several of the Psalms are not attributed to a writer.

The book of Psalms is a collection of songs, prayers and poetry. It is the largest single book of the Bible. It is quoted more than 75 times by New Testament writers and has inspired songs, stories, prayers and other works down through the centuries. The book of Psalms is placed in the center of the book.

The book of Psalms contains 150 individual psalms or chapters. Many of them were written to be used as public worship songs in the Jewish temple. Others were more personal and reflected the deep emotions of the writer in troubled or victorious circumstance in his life.

In the original Hebrew manuscripts, the collection is divided into five sections that relate to specific Biblical prophetic ideas. Modern translations don't all include these sections, but are divided into chapters and verses for easier navigation.

King David was the most prolific of the psalmists with more than 80 to his credit, including the most well known, the 23rd Psalm. This oft-quoted psalm depicts God as a good shepherd guiding the soul of the author through life. David often used imagery from his early career as a shepherd in several of his psalms.