How Do You Write a Welcome Speech for a Family and Friends Day Service?

Write a welcome speech for a Family and Friends Day service by making it short, keeping it emotionally resonant, and using it to make the atmosphere very welcoming to new and old congregants alike. The exact content should be tailored to both the speaker and the congregation he is addressing.

Begin the speech by addressing congregants in a friendly and familiar manner, calling them brothers, sisters, friends and guests. Next, extend an official welcome to them on behalf of your church or place of worship. Then, express warm happiness at seeing the regular church members within the congregation. Afterwards, ask them to help you extend special greetings to any new visitors who are there for the service, and reiterate that all are welcome within the church.

Tell the new visitors what the church is able to offer to them. Specifically mention how the church provides opportunities for spiritual growth, and express your hope that the day’s sermon can elevate their spirits and encourage them to join with the regular church congregants in happy fellowship. Emphasize this by expressing hope that the sermon lifts burdens from their hearts and helps reveal God’s plan for their individual lives and their potential role in the future of the church.

End by quoting an appropriate scripture, such as John 15:5, and asking God to bless everyone who is present.