How Do You Write Thank-You Notes?

Write a thank-you note by addressing the recipient, expressing gratitude, mentioning details, saying thanks again and closing the note. The type of thank-you note determines the tone, formality and related details of the wording. Remember to send thank-you notes as soon as possible.

  1. Address the recipient

    Begin with a warm greeting. “Dear Sandy,” or another first name, is sufficient for family and close friends. A formal thank-you note may start with “Dear Mr. Jones.” Ensure all names and titles are accurate and spelled correctly.

  2. Express gratitude

    Say thank you right away. Try, “Thank you for the business referral,” or “Thanks so much for the graduation gift you sent.” More formal notes require a more formal tone, but notes to family and friends can be more relaxed.

  3. Mention details

    Write a few sentences giving details about the gift. For a shower gift, for example, say, “I just love the set of lamps you gave John and me. I know we’ll enjoy reading under them!” For a service or kind action, explain why it mattered. “It meant so much to me and my family that you thought of us during our time of sorrow.”

  4. Say thanks again

    End the body of the note by repeating the thank you. Say, “Thanks again for my Christmas gift,” or “Thank you again for your consideration.” Repeating the sentiment helps fully express gratitude and appreciation.

  5. Close the note warmly

    For a formal thank-you note, end with “Yours truly” or “Sincerely.” A note to a friend or family member can end with “Love,” “Thanks again,” “Blessings” or even “You rock.” Let the relationship and tone of the note dictate the type of closing.