How Do You Write a Teaching Philosophy?

How Do You Write a Teaching Philosophy?

When writing a teaching philosophy, writers should provide a one to two-page document that details the reasons why they have chosen teaching as a profession with information about what they teach. The teaching philosophy should also include how they teach and how effectiveness is measured.

The teaching philosophy should begin with thoughts and reflections about why the person is drawn to teaching and aspects of teaching that are rewarding and worthwhile, such as mentoring students and prompting them to think critically.

A portion of the teaching philosophy should provide an overview of the subjects taught and objectives for learning within each subject. For example, writers can explore why students should take the courses they teach and what students will gain from the experience.

An overview of teaching methods is also a key component of a teaching philosophy. Writers may detail pedagogical techniques, such as incorporating group work into lessons, visual lectures or strategies for group discussions. The teaching philosophy may also detail the different approaches preferred when teaching a diverse group of students that may or may not include nontraditional students.

How effectiveness is measured should also be detailed in a teaching philosophy. For example, writers can provide examples of how objectives are met, how student learning is measured and any evaluative techniques that solicit student feedback are conducted.