How Do You Write Social Work Case Notes?

To write social work case notes, create an outline that covers each area of concern for the person in question. Fill in each section, and include an overview assessment of the situation. Make recommendations for further care and action.

  1. Organize the page

    Create an outline for your case notes that is based on the situation. Start with a title that includes the person’s name, the time and date of the meeting, and the location. Break your case notes up into categories such as access, current situation, schooling and medical care.

  2. Fill in your outline

    Read through your notes from the meeting, and organize them into your headings. Condense your notes into paragraphs, making sure to use concise language. Include both facts and observations. Make special mention of any dangers or situations that need immediate attention.

  3. Assess the situation, and make recommendations

    Based on your observations and the information you gained during the interview, assess the situation. Write about the current state of the client using more general language; keep in mind that some supervisors only read the assessments section to get an idea of the situation. In a recommendations section, state the course of action that you recommend to ensure the ongoing health and well-being of the person in question.