How Do You Write a Proclamation?

To write a proclamation, start by stating each of the reasons, facts and motivating factors behind your decision. Write a proclamation statement that explains your decision and any relevant locations or dates. Sign and date the document.

  1. Write a title

    Write a title that explains your proclamation. The title should give readers context, if it is not obvious. Place the title at the top center of the page.

  2. Explain your reasoning

    Gather the reasons behind your proclamation. Include personal or organizational beliefs, facts, statistics, or observations. Use simple, concise language, and choose compelling words. Start each statement with “Whereas,” followed by your reason. Leave a full line space between each statement to make the document easier to read. Write each sentence as a straightforward statement.

  3. Write the proclamation statement

    Write a sentence that explains to readers what you are proclaiming, based on the evidence given above. Start your sentence with “Now, therefore” and include your name, position, company, location and the date of the proclamation. Write this statement in the first person.

  4. Add a personal invitation

    Underneath the formal proclamation statement, add one or two sentences in which you personally invite readers to participate in the events surrounding your proclamation. Sign and date the document.