How Do You Write a Personal Letter?

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Personal letters are usually given to family and friends to express thoughts of gratitude and love. They typically include the basic parts of a letter, which are the heading, date, greeting, content, closing, signature and post script.

Writing a personal letter to special someone can be easy as long as everything is sincere and heartfelt. Hence, sincerity and honesty in letting someone know how you feel about them are two of the most important things needed in order to compose the letter. Pen, paper and genuine thoughts are the keys to success in personal letter writing. Once the writer has determined what types of sentiments to express to the receiver, he can freely express them in his own words.

The good thing about personal letters is that although it follows a certain format, the writer is free be more creative than usual. Choosing colorful stationary sets the tone, while decorations, drawings, pictures and other embellishments convey personal messages or sentiments.

Sending letters is less common than it was in the past, due to the sudden boom of social media and other electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets making communication faster, easier and more convenient. However, writing a letter by hand lets someone know how special they are and makes the sentiments stand out even more.