What Do You Write on a Memorial Funeral Card?

Some simple sentiments a person could write on a memorial funeral card are “With heartfelt condolences,” “Gone but not forgotten” or “With deep sympathy and understanding thoughts in this time of sadness.” When writing a funeral card, a person should keep it short, meaningful and sincere.

When a person has lost a friend or family member, it is one of the most tragic things he or she may experience. While messages of condolence may not take away the pain or grief, the words may help the person feel some comfort knowing he or she does not have to deal with the pain alone. While finding the right words may be difficult for some, a good rule of thumb is to keep it simple, as short as one or two sentences. Some suggestions for a condolence card might be:

  • Jane might be gone but her memory will live on forever.
  • Never selfish, always helpful and kind. Those are memories Jane leaves behind.
  • Tenderly we treasure the past with memories that will always last.
  • Her life is a beautiful memory, her absence a silent grief.
  • Earth has one gentle soul less, and one angel more.
  • A cluster of memories sprinkled with tears, wishing God had spared Jane just a few more years.