How Do You Write a Letter of Transfer of Ownership?

Write a letter of transfer of ownership by using a typewriter or word-processing program to craft a document that includes the date that the transfer is effective and a specific list of changes that coincide with the change of ownership. Transfer of ownership letters also should include any instructions that the person receiving the letter must follow to ensure that her actions are in compliance with the new owner’s terms.

In the body of the letter, the former owner must state that the building has been sold, list the name of the new owner, and note any changes to the tenant’s rent or lease agreement terms. This type of change of ownership letter must also include the new owner’s contact information and the amount of security deposit funds that the former owner has transferred to the new owner. When a witness to a transfer of ownership is asked to write a letter, he should include the date that he physically saw the former owner and the new owner sign the necessary legal paperwork for the sale of the home. He should also include his relationship to the former or new owner and any other pertinent details that illustrate why he was asked to witness the transfer of ownership.